It's about the ways you use your bike.



I’m a law student reluctantly living in New York City. I’m an Australian native, happily transplanted to Texas for some much needed maturing in my later teen years and, following that, some pickling during university. I’ve been in New York for two years, and I’ve one year left.

I started riding bikes as a kid, mostly just around my neighbourhood and over to friends’ houses. After I moved to Dallas, I was too poor to afford a car but still wanted a way to get around. I invested in a Raleigh 600 Road Comp from Cycle Spectrum because I figured I’d ride it to get in shape and it would get me pretty quickly around town.  In hindsight, it was a pretty terrible decision; I’ll write, at some point, on what I think makes a good commuter bike, but a reasonably expensive road bike is presumptively bad for the task.

I’ve absolutely no racing experience, I’m not an experienced bicycle mechanic, and I don’t compulsively read bike blogs, forums, or news. I don’t know a lot about brands, I can’t do tricks, and (putting aside my pride) I’m not all that fast. Nevertheless, I really like riding. I ride to school almost every day when it’s not winter, I ride to pick up my girlfriend from work, and I often ride to the grocery store. I put together two fixed gear bikes–one for me, one for my girlfriend–late last year with a lot of phone and email help from Justin and Trev.

I’ll be writing about what it’s like to commute from Washington Heights to the Village, getting started in building or acquiring a bicycle for pleasure or necessity, and what it’s like riding in NY.

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