It's about the ways you use your bike.

Who we are


Chris goes to law school in NYC. He’s from Australia and Texas, but is in NY for a few years. He will be writing about what it’s like to ride in New York, city riding generally, and what getting in to bike riding–including all the mechanicking, politicking, and mistake-making that comes with that–has been like. When he’s not on his bike, Chris studies a lot, plays with his dogs, and cooks.

Justin lives in DC, where he’s been getting accustomed to riding in a more dense urban environment. Like Chris, he previously lived and rode in Austin, TX. With weather, scenery and terrain like that, it was hard for him not to fall in love with the bike way of life.

Our posts reflect our personalities: Justin waxes literary and all his posts wear bowties, Trevor’s posts appear out of thin air when you least expect them and in a shower of glitter, and Chris’s are just a long string of swear words and complaints.

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