It's about the ways you use your bike.

And we’re back…Sort of.

In Washington DC on 2 December 2010 at 4:44 pm

The men behind the Bike Ways curtain have had a busy few months and have posted shamefully little since early summer…as you may have noticed. Sparing you the details, I’ll simply say things have settled down and we will have more time–and hopefully more motivation–to post more frequently. So look for that.

Starting now we’re going to bring you more of the city-riding incites, odes to two-wheeled transport, and general bitching and moaning about and ridiculing of the stupid things we see people do with their bikes that you’ve come to love or at least expect. We might also praise some things too.

On the bitching and moaning note…

The other day I noticed a garish gash in my bar tape that I can’t with my memory explain. Here are the facts:bicycle handlebar tape gash

1. I went down the last week, but landed on the right side with my bike sort of on top of me–no bar/ground contact.

2. The gash is on the left. Odd.

3. I have three roommates, none tall enough to ride my sweetheart /chuckle/, one of whom has his own bike.

4. The left hood also sustained some scratches.


1. Roommate took her out for a ride, crashed and didn’t tell me. Doubtful. They’re fairly honest and they know how I feel about my sweetheart.

2. I got amnestically* inebriated, rode my bike somewhere, crashed and have no memory of it. Highly doubtful, as I don’t ride drunk.

3. Sometime in the last week I crashed and hit my head so hard I don’t remember it. Almost impossible. No damage to my helmet and a crash that hard would’ve caused more damage than some scrapes.

4. While locked up somewhere, someone carrying a cinder block scraped my bars. Possible, but really? Who’s that careless with cinder blocks?

Any thoughts or theories? Also, however this happened, an explanatory note from the perpetrator would’ve been appreciated.


*Yes, I made that word up.

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