It's about the ways you use your bike.

Seeing Double

In Washington DC on 29 April 2010 at 2:24 am

I get to the metro every morning around 8:15, sometimes 9, and by then most rack space has been taken. Today no different, I had to make a little room and squeeze beside a Schwinn Coffee cruiser to lock up. It looks like a comfortable bike, and I’d like to ride around on one for an afternoon, but it made be happy that I built my bike.

I know what my bike looked like when she was just a dirty frame, and I know why I ride a Fi’z:k saddle, not a San Marco.

I remember when I had bull horns. I liked them at the time, because they offered a good deal of leverage and stability. Looking back, I think I was just inexperienced, and needed them like training wheels. I tried a few types of drop bars in quick succession, for the same reasons everyone does. And let’s be honest, when are you riding that aggressively? Personally, I like to have my head up to see around cars and further down the road. I now ride something a little more relaxed.

In October, the bricks and cobbles and deteriorating roads in my neighborhood prompted me to get bigger tires. I went with the white Michelin 700x28c. I’m quite pleased. They glide right over most all the little bumps in my way, and things aren’t so jarring.

When the derailleur starts clicking, I know what that is and what adjuster pins will fix it. I have a chain tension preference, and I chose the gears that I ride for the terrain of my ride.

I have a very good idea of every little thing about my bike, and why it’s there. My bike has been a product of purpose and necessity, that has over the last 5 years grown to express very much about me. Her style’s a little old fashioned, and I think that describes mine. I like to keep things simple, except where it really will make a  difference. We suit each other well, and that makes my bike my own.

I didn’t, and no one can buy my bike from an LBS. My bike is unique, and I mean it. My bike can’t be duplicated or imitated or found on a shelf. Never will I ever run across another like mine.

And that’s precisely what I thought when I got home tonight, and found these.

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