It's about the ways you use your bike.

I Ride My Bike For Fun

In Washington DC on 25 April 2010 at 4:13 am

I ride my bike for fun. Yes, it efficiently gets me where I’m going and it’s more environmentally responsible than a car, and while I’d like to claim these moral superiorities, I cannot. Because as I said, I ride my bike for fun.

I ride slowly in busy places, quickly dodging aimless wanderers, inching along behind impenetrable packs of people. It’s fun to focus on balance and delicate maneuvers, watching pedestrians stagger and stumble through crowds that present little problem to me, poised on my trusty two wheels.

I ride really fast, bomb down hills and scream around corners, click down a gear and fly past traffic. Sometimes I think that if I can spin smooth enough, tuck just right, my bike and I fuse and together we’re invincible. No one rides whom we can’t pass; no hill rises that we can’t conquer. Fools on their feet watching us fly might only see a blur, and blinking as we pass, mistake my draft for a breeze.

I ride downtown, history all around me, big buildings towering over me. Moving with traffic like a little red blood cell coursing through the arteries of a big living thing, I’m swept along by the flow of the city, a part of something larger.

I ride long trails leisurely, ideally by the water. I listen to the silence of a laser straight chain line and contemplate the (dis)comfort of my saddle. I get to go for hours and find no red light, no angry honk. Only other riders, out enjoying their day, would compel me to slow, or get out of their way.

I map out rides and play Lance Armstrong, push and ride like people are watching. On the road, to be out so far and know the only way back is the distance I came makes me feel human. And the cars whizzing by don’t bother me nearly so much as the loud outfits with their bright, geometrically patterned, be-logoed spandex.

I ride my bike and I feel good. It’s just such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, or run a small errand. The breeze in my hair, my lungs drawing deep, a little sweat on my brow, and I’m riding my bike and can’t help but smile.

As I said, I ride my bike for fun.

  1. Great post, Justin….I can certainly see how much love and passion you have for your bike and for riding. It really is the best, isn’t it? You and Chris have a very nice site going on over here and I look forward to more great posts in the future.


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