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Potholes Update: The Squeaky Wheel Gets Tarred

In New York City on 22 April 2010 at 12:28 am

See the original post here.

Success! DOT workers on Amsterdam told me that they were patching the potholes to make the street temporarily safe; a resurfacing crew should be out shortly to tear the thing up and lay new asphalt.
This cheers me a little, as I fully expected at least another two or three phone calls.

Ghostly cyclist already making use of swift repairs


I’ll keep you updated on when we get a new road, but for now, my advice is: if you don’t like the quality of your streets, complain about it. You pay taxes, after all, and only the most ardent libertarian denies that public thoroughfares are the responsibility of local government.   In NY and, from what I’ve heard, in most cities, 3-1-1 is the easiest way to request street repairs. Whether you want a public option for healthcare or a private right to keep and carry, we can all get behind smooth streets,

In other news, I got passed on my off-street commute by a guy with a baby seat on the way to school the other day. I tend to ride at a reasonably leisurely pace because I am more evolved than your average citizen and my natural cooling system kicks into high gear pretty quickly, but I still pass most people. Now and then I get into some friendly competition with a fellow cyclist. We’re racing when I win; I’m not foolish enough to sweat just to beat an over-spandexed, shave-legged financier when I lose.  Point of the story, this yahoo blew by me on a mountain bike and a baby seat on the back.

Shame not pictured

I do use my bicycle primarily for transport and, occasionally, mucking about in the sun, so I guess it’s silly of me to be upset when someone rides faster than I do. If I’ve determined the speed appropriate to get me to my destination on time, why should I feel compelled to ride faster simply to beat other riders? I shouldn’t, but I still want to. Put it down to the thrill of athletic endeavour or the primal impulse to “go, fight, win,” but I like the feeling of being fast. Feeling fast is restricted by the fact that I don’t ride nearly as often as many other people out on the road, and I’m not currently in the best shape of my life. I keep telling myself that if I ride to school every day, I’ll get stronger and, hence, faster. If this happens, I’ll be able to blow by any baby-seat toting yahoos without breaking a sweat, thereby achieving both of my cycling goals: efficiently transporting myself around town and experiencing that wonderful sense of superiority that comes naturally from being on two wheels, but even more so from being on two wheels going really fast.

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