It's about the ways you use your bike.


In New York City on 15 April 2010 at 4:55 pm

One of my most frequent gripes about this city is potholes. I like to complain, so potholes have competition (weather, taxes, litter, people), but they’ve jumped to the top of my list because Amsterdam, where it runs by my place, looks like this.

Tore up.

Those are cobblestones that G.Washington threw at K.George when fighting for our freedom

I tend to commute along the West Side Highway, because it is blissfully free of cars and quite pretty, but I’ll take to the streets if I am headed to midtown to meet my girlfriend at work or wish to engage in gladiatorial combat with taxis along 7th Ave in midtown. At these times, I regret my decision to ride my swift and stylish Raleigh <img sweet pic of go faster paint splotches /> instead of transportation more suited to the landscape.

Needs aero bridle to gain more legitimacy among mule-engers

Has made full use of her extensive medical coverage

New York streets are not particularly well-maintained, but this little stretch is pretty egregious. I’m not of a mind to pay taxes anyway, but I ride a bike because the wealthiest city in the United States (wiki doesn’t lie) cannot run an effective public transportation system and I like the way it makes my calves look. After taking US Government back in college, I no longer expect free cosmetic surgery as a benefit of citizenship (although I’ve got some faith in this health care bill everyone’s talking about. It’s meant to give us the same coverage that Congress gets, right?) but I do expect the city to guarantee that I get the most out of my low-rolling-resistance road tires.

I’ve learned from experience that sitting around and complaining to no one will get stuff done, at most, 70% of the time. I’m not a gambling man, so I chose the route of guaranteed success: calling 3-1-1, complaining to someone, and hoping that NYC will put my tax dollars to swift, sensible, and efficient use.   I put in the call on the 11th, I’ll keep y’all updated.

  1. I shot the sheriff but I didn’t shoot no deputy

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